What is in White Chocolate? Is White Chocolate Really Chocolate?

Is white chocolate truly chocolate? Yes and no. You do not have to hang up your chocolate loving laurels to take on a hunger for white chocolate. Technically, white chocolate is a cocoa plant product. However, it lacks any of the chocolate solids that define milk and dark chocolate. White chocolate is made from flavorless cocoa butter, which is what gives chocolate its creamy texture.

Extracted cocoa butter is mixed with sugar and milk to create “white chocolate”. The flavor comes more from the white cocoa butter than the chocolate in its naming.

Chocolate is legally defined in the USA by the amount of chocolate cocoa or powder. We say indulge your cravings and wander in a white chocolate wonderland. But, in the eyes of the law, you are not actually eating chocolate. The cocoa plant, on the other hand, may beg to differ.

Whatever chemists and the FDA say, as devout chocoholics, we embrace white chocolate. One tasty white chocolate wonder is our rich Belgian White Chocolate Cocoa. For a decadent morning jolt, add it to your favorite coffee or espresso. It is a cozy comfort for any time of year.

what is in white chocolate?