What is English Toffee Anyway?

English ToffeeRocky Mountain Chocolate Factory's Most-Popular English Toffee

What is toffee? 

Toffee got its start along with other early sugar based candies. Made by heating sugar or molasses, butter, milk, and sometimes flour and salt, toffee has a very similar base to caramel candies. Some candy makers, such as ours here at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, add nuts for additional texture and flavor, while others add extra flavoring or other bits to customize their toffee. 

Lots of factors determine the consistency of the toffee, including the peak temperature of the mixture, how long the mixture cools, and the proportion of ingredients. Once a candy maker gets the mixture to the desired temperature, it is poured onto a metal sheet or marble slab and cooled to harden. 

What Is English Toffee?

As a traditional 19th century candy, the English have had a long love affair with toffee. If you were to ask the Brits, they would say all toffee is English—it has been among the most popular of British candies since the beginning. American ‘English’ style toffee, however, is buttery and includes almonds. The most common ‘English’ toffee bar is the Heath bar. (Heath bar not your style? We have an English Toffee caramel Apple!) But what is English toffee and how is it different than other toffee?English Toffee DeliveredBite Size English Toffee

Unlike American toffee, which uses white granulated sugar, most English toffee uses brown sugar, which gives it a slightly different taste. In England, there are many varieties of toffee that do not contain nuts, although the American version of English toffee almost always does. Sometimes, American English toffee is  called almond toffee for that reason. 

Does English Toffee Always Have a Chocolate Coating?

NoEnglish toffee is distinguished by the almonds in the toffee, although lots of English toffee does come slathered in chocolate. This may have more to do with the increase in quality and popularity of chocolate since the 19th century. 

A holiday favorite, chocolate covered English toffee is also called Christmas toffee in America. 

A Brief History of Toffee

The Oxford English dictionary’s first inclusion of the word ‘toffee’ came in 1825. Toffee really took off when sugar from the New World made candy more widely available, English toffee caramel apple English Toffee Caramel Apple
not just to the nobility . By the mid- 1800’s, industrial advances in manufacturing made candy easier to make, sell, and buy. During that time, the dairy industry in Europe was also booming, meaning the butter and milk that distinguished toffee helped it become a favorite British candy. 

National English Toffee Day

Millions of people celebrate their love for English Toffee every year on January 8th

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Why choose between your favorite treats?

At the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, we don't like to choose between our favorite things! That's why we invented the ultimate toffee lover's twist on our famous caramel apples. Indulge in one of our English Toffee Apples--available delivered from our website or in your local Rocky Mountain Chocolate store.  

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