Sweet Holiday Stocking Stuffers from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Being a child during Christmas is magical. The lights, the snow, and the music all add to the feeling of holiday cheer. However, nothing is more magical than the feeling of waiting up on Christmas Eve, determined to catch a glimpse of the big man himself...Santa Claus. It seemed we would always wake up in the morning, having seen neither hair nor hide of the man in red- but he had come! Presents were under the tree, cookies were gone, and most importantly of all, stockings were filled to the brim, just begging to be opened. As we get older, and have families of our own, we are often the ones who are tasked with helping Santa Claus get the presents down the chimney, eat the cookies, and play the Tetris game that is filling our family's stockings. If you've been wracking your brain, trying to figure out what to fill those stockings with, you've come to the right place! Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has a bundle of stocking stuffers that your family will love! 

White Candy Cane Bar 4 Pack

Kids and adults alike will love this White Candy Cane Bar. Made with crushed candy cane pieces and white confection, its bright holiday sleeve ensures it will look great poking out of the top of a stocking on Christmas morning. If you have more candy bars than you do stockings to fill, you can also tie them to the top of packages for a cute present adornment!

Holiday Hot Cocoa Gift Pack

The holidays wouldn't be the holidays without hot cocoa. Make sure everyone gets a cup of their favorite flavor by putting one 4 oz canister of this three canister gift set into each stocking. Between gingerbread, eggnog, and English toffee flavors, there is sure to be a flavor to please everyone in your household! 

Gourmet Milk Chocolate Bars

This gourmet set of 4 milk chocolate bars are perfect for the traditionalist in your family. These smooth, creamy bars a quintessential stocking staple- and you can't go wrong with milk chocolate! Break them off and share them, or keep the whole bar for yourself...we won't judge.

Peppermint Fudge Bites

Our Peppermint Fudge Bites make the perfect snack and share stocking stuffer. These bite-sized pieces of fudge are dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in crushed peppermint...yum!!

Shop Your Local Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory...

For more great stocking stuffer ideas! Handmade candy canes, caramel apples, and small foiled items are all available at your local RMCF store location. Not sure if there is a store near you? Use our store locator to find out. 

Stocking Traditions from Around the World

Although when we think of stockings, we think of the Night Before Christmas, stockings (or versions of them) are popular around the world. For instance, in France, children place not their socks, but their shoes by the fire to be filled with treats from St. Nick. In Italy, they also leave shoes, but wait expectantly for them to be filled by Le Befana- a good witch of Italian folklore who is said to fill children's shoes with chocolate...but only if they have been good! Some places, like Puerto Rico,  don't use any sort of footwear in their Christmas traditions. Instead, they fill small boxes with tropical greens and flowers from around their homes and leave them under their beds. The greens are meant to fill the camels of the Three Kings who will be passing through. Despite the fact that we may not put our "stockings" out the same way, the idea behind all the traditions is essentially the same. 

Overall, stockings are a magical, nearly essential part of our Christmas traditions. With Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, you can be sure that these small stocking gifts will put a big Christmas smile on your little elves' faces.  Happy Holidays from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!