Count Down to Christmas! All about the Chocolate Advent Calendar

Counting down the days until Christmas when you have kids can seem like a never ending task. Keep them entertained and in the holiday spirit with our chocolate Advent Calendar. It brings 24 days of chocolate to build up the anticipation until candy stuffed stockings are in hand. A chocolate a day helps keep the impatience at bay!

What is an Advent calendar?

An Advent calendar’s primary job is to count down the days to Christmas. The most common Advent calendars mark each day with a window, door, or cubby. For every day closer to Christmas, a window is opened. In modern Advent calendars, these windows most often open a compartment that houses little treats or small items. However, the window may also open to a prayer, poem, or even a homemade coupon for some special privilege.advent calendars for fun kids holidays

Advent calendars are usually decorated with a Christmas or holiday scene. Some Advent calendars are disposable-made of cardboard, while some are more elaborate as well as reusable. Advent calendars come in an incredible array of options- from DIY construction paper flaps to handmade wood boxes…some people even use numbered bags or boxes to count down the days. 

While available worldwide, the Advent calendar is most popular in the United Kingdom and the United States. The popularity of the Advent calendar in the US has been attributed to a photograph of President Eisenhower opening one with his grand kids. The photo was seen all across the United States when it was featured in a number of national newspapers. 

What day do you start an Advent calendar on?

Advent starts on a Sunday, but the dates vary year-to-year. However, many Advent calendars begin on December 1. Each Advent calendar has 24 or 25 days and just as many hidden surprises! 

When was the first Advent calendar invented?

The first Advent calendar was introduced in the 19th and 20th centuries in Germany. Legend has it that a little boy named Gerhard Lang was the first to have an Advent calendar. His mother invented it by making Gerhard a calendar with 24 candies stuck to it. (Some say they were actually 24 pictures.) In 1908, Gerhard opened a printing business with his friend. Remembering his childhood, they made the first printed Advent calendar. These calendars did not open, but instead, featured a daily picture.

By the 20th century, Advent calendars were an international sensation. They began to be made with shuttered windows to house the little treats we expect today.

“Advent” means “coming toward” in Latin. While Advent calendars began as a devotional tool, they have become widely adopted as a fun holiday tradition for anyone counting down until Christmas 

Fun facts about Advent calendars

  • The Advent calendar was forgotten during World War II. The paper stock they used to print them was strictly rationed. After the end of the war, the Advent calendar returned to its former glory.

  • The world’s largest Advent calendar was 233 feet tall and just 75.5 meters wide! It was built inside the St Pancras Train Station in London to commemorate its renovation.

Fabulous stocking stuffers for Christmas

Once the countdown is done, it's time for the big day. Continue with some small sweet treats as part of their stocking stuffers. Here are a few small Christmas gifts sure to make their Christmas merry. 

Candy Cane Cocoa or Holiday Cocoa and Marshmallow Gift Set

Holiday Four Piece Assortment

White Candy Cane Bars