Chocolate Health Benefits?! Dreams Do Come True

Finally! An excuse to eat chocolate! While sugar has a pretty bad wrap, lower-sugar dark chocolate is a healthy treat. For the most powerfully positive health benefits, look for 60%+ dark chocolate. The higher the ratio of actual chocolate solids (as opposed to cocoa butter), the better the health benefits in chocolate.

chocolate health benefits.

Is chocolate a verified superfood? Sadly, it is not. You can still do your happy dance (it’s good for your waistline). There are enough chocolate health benefits to count it as part of a balanced diet. It’s full of antioxidants, fiber, and happiness.

Your body knows best. The health benefits of chocolate.


A small amount of chocolate on a regular basis can reduce risks of atrial fibrillation and prevent heart attacks and strokes. Over 33M (25%) adults worldwide will develop atrial fibrillation. Maybe chocolate can save the world.Chocolate Health Benefits. Heart Health.

Chocolate can lower BLOOD PRESSURE and CHOLESTEROL

Dark chocolate as low as 50% cocoa has shown positive effects in lowering systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Chocolate contains flavanols, which improve heart health. The saturated fats in cocoa butter are not “cholesterol-raising fats” or “bad fats”. Stearic acid is the primary fat in cocoa butter and is shown to have no negative effect on LDL cholesterol. Some research says that it may lower blood LDL and have neutral effects on HDL cholesterol. Crave on!

Chocolate is full of ANTIOXIDANTS

Dark chocolate bars can provide as much antioxidants as nearly 3 cups of green tea, 2/3 cups of blueberries, or a glass of red wine.

Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa as part of your routine. 

Myth Busted: Chocolate causes HYPERACTIVITY

chocolate does not lead to hyperactivity

That old myth that sugar makes you hyper is all hype. Kids are hyper all by themselves and fueled by social stimulators like birthday buzzes. In fact, chocolate has a low glycemic index and dark chocolate may improve insulin sensitivity for those with high blood pressure or diabetes (within reason). Go with darker chocolate for less sugar.

Chocolate does not lead to ACNE

The idea that chocolate leads to acne has been entirely debunked. While a healthy diet may help in skin health, chocolate does not derail skincare.

Is chocolate high in CAFFEINE?

In moderate doses, caffeine is good for you. It stimulates the central nervous system, stimulates blood flow to the brain, and increases serotonin levels. While 5oz of coffee contains up to a jittery 180mg of caffeine, a 50g piece of dark chocolate only contains between 10 and 60mg. That’s well within the 300 or less milligrams of daily caffeine healthy for an adult.

Vitamins and Minerals

Chocolate contains beneficial levels of zinc, magnesium, copper, and iron. It also contains vitamins A, B1, C, D, and E.

One square (29g) of dark chocolate can contain up to 24% of your daily magnesium (95mg). That’s more than 3oz of mackerel, 1 cup of brown rice, or 2 cups of plain, low-fat yogurt.

Indulgence Without the Bulge-nce

Rather than binge poor quality chocolate, incorporate healthy amounts of high-quality treats. People who have “cheat days” or don’t continually yo-yo diet are proven more successful. Finding denser treats full of satisfying flavor can make a little taste go a long way. Sit back and savor a truffle. (See note at the end.)

chocolate will not make you fat. Sugar-free Chocolate Options 
You can also cut down on sugar and keep the health benefits of chocolate with sugar-free options. We use Maltitol, which has up to 90% of the same sweetness as table sugar, nearly identical properties to ensure great mouth feel, and half the calories! 

At Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, we offer a variety of sugar-free and gluten-free chocolate treats. We believe everyone deserves chocolate.

Fun Fact: Chocolate Tonics at Versailles

The ancient Mesoamericans and their European latecomers believed chocolate had medicinal, invigorating qualities. Marie Antoinette’s personal chocolate maker created chocolate recipes for her health. They included mixing chocolate with: orchid bulbs for strength; orange blossoms for nerves; and sweet almond milk for digestion.

Note: Always see a doctor before altering eating habits, diet, or medical advice. Sugar-free chocolate is not a low-calorie food. Keep a balanced diet and incorporate exercise as advised by your medical care provider.