Is Chocolate Candy?

Is chocolate candy?

The Difference Between Chocolate and Candy

Is chocolate candy? In short, the answer is no. The big difference between chocolate and candy is the proportion of ingredients. Candy's main ingredient is sugar, sweet and simple. Chocolate's defining ingredient is chocolate solids. This is also why milk and dark chocolates are distinguished by their percentages of chocolate solids. Chocolate vs. Candy. What's the difference between chocolate and candy? Quality Chocolate from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Chocolate solids are different than cocoa butter or cocoa plant-based products. Chocolate comes from the cocoa plant—or more specifically its fruit. Chocolate solids, moreover, come mostly from the chocolate liquor, a paste that comes from ground cocoa bean nibs. (See a picture of a cocoa pod. They’re the size of a football!)

That means that technically, white chocolate is not chocolate. Instead of cocoa solids, white chocolate is made of cocoa butter. 

Can I call chocolate candy? 

Chocolate is not actually candy, but a lot of people refer to it as such. In the modern era, chocolate is consumed in the same snackable way that candy is eaten. Historically, making and consuming chocolate was a much more complicated process. Today, it's more acceptable to consider chocolate a subset of candy. Think about this: while chocolate is often included in candy shops, you rarely see candies in chocolatiers, or chocolate shops.

Call chocolate candy if you like, so long as you satisfy that sweet tooth. Come splurge on some chocolate fun at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory near you. You can also order gourmet chocolate delivered to your home or office in from our online chocolate shop—and of course, don’t forget our famous caramel apples!