Can dogs eat chocolate? (Not to Worry, We Have Treats for Dogs – and Dog Lovers)

Dogs don't always know what is good for them. They can get into a lot of no-good, gross, and downright dangerous. Chocolate is poisonous to dogs! That includes all cocoa products. If your dog eats chocolate, how lethal it is depends on the size and amount. Take your pooch to the vet immediately. Do not wait. Chocolate poisoning is treatable in early stages. When safe, you can use the Pet MD Chocolate Toxicity Meter to get more information on the effect of the specific chocolate and amount. Update your vet on the information you found.

Can dogs eat chocolate? No, but they can get dog-friendly, dog-safe treats that will delight the chocolate lover and their best friend alike.

A Hershey bar can send an average dog to doggy daycare in the sky. And dark chocolate is up to ten-times as poisonous. If you have a pet in the house, keep people food out of their reach. 

Why is chocolate toxic to dogs?

Chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine. It is responsible for some of the bitter taste of unsweetened cocoa or baker’s chocolate. These have a bitter taste because of higher levels of theobromine. It doesn’t bother humans, but dogs cannot process theobromine as easily. That means that levels can build up to a toxic level.

Is theobromine found in other things? Yes. Theobromine is a bitter alkaloid that is found in tea leaves, acai berries, and cola (to name a few) in addition to the cocoa plant.

Keep high sugar and fat away from dogs. It is not simply the theobromine that is dangerous for dogs. The fillings inside of chocolate truffles and candies is full of sugar and fat that can cause delayed pancreatitis.

Caffeine is also dangerous to doggies. Keep all caffeinated foods and beverages away from dogs.

Is Chocolate Toxic to Cats?

Cats are unable to taste sweetness. Even though chocolate is toxic to cats (more toxic, in fact), the likelihood of them eating it is much lower.

Can dogs eat chocolate. Dog treats for chocolate lovers.

What do I do if my dog ate chocolate?

Like we said, call the vet immediately (or go there!). However, if the vet is far away, you may want to force your dog to vomit. This will only work if it’s immediately caught. You can give your dog 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide per 20 pounds of pooch. A turkey baster or medicine dropper is one easy way. Or, try putting in a bowl around a dollop of peanut butter. Do not give the dog any food or water after throwing up. Symptoms can take up to 6-12 hours (and pancreatitis several days). So, take your best friend to his veterinarian.

Chocolate for dogs?! Yup!

Just because your dog can’t have chocolate doesn’t mean you can’t give them a chocolate-like treat. Sharing is caring. And, your dog is your best friend. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory loves our canine companions, too. So, we have their health and happiness in mind. 

You can get a Barkers Dozen. These chocolate-free dipped dog bones are a perfect gift for your fur babies. It looks like biscuits dipped in chocolate, but the dog-friendly coating is actually perfectly poison free and full of love.

Other dangerous household “food” for dogs:

It’s not just chocolate or theobromine. These aren’t all “food” but they are things your dog will eat. Among surprising things that can hurt or kill your dog are onions, avocados, and grapes. Even small amounts of raisins can kill your dog. And those sugar-free foods that keep you thin, like fat-free yogurt, may contain xylitol. Xylitol is lethal to dogs. Stick to doggie-designed treats.

For a full list and a convenient infographic you can stick to your fridge, see the canine journal.