Big Chocolate Facts for the Chocoholic

We are a little worried about people who don’t love chocolate. Chocolate obsession goes back to ancient times. The cocoa tree, Theobroma cacao, means “food of the gods” or “God-food” in Greek. In ancient Mayan lore, cacao was among the first foods given to humans by the gods in their creation myth.

chocoholic - facts about chocolate - learn the things chocolate lovers (even chocolate lovers) want to know about what they love! And get the best chocolate assortments, made with love, straight to your door. A few fun chocolate facts: 

You aren’t alone in your chocoholic craving.

The average American indulges in 1/2lb chocolate every month!

The average Swiss citizen eats almost 20lbs of chocolate a year (19.84 to be exact).

Chocolate Goes Big

ThLargest chocolate bunny. Chocolate facts. e world record for largest chocolate bar weighed 12,770 pounds and 4.5 ounces. The record was set by Thorntons in 2011, in the UK. It was 13x13 feet long and wide.

The largest chocolate rabbit was created in Brazil in 2017. It weighed 9,360 pounds and was almost 15 feet high! Oh bunny!

To overdose on chocolate, you would have to eat about 22 pounds of chocolate. That would be enough to cause theobromine poisoning. This is what your dog suffers with much smaller amounts.

Chocolate Festivals

Nearly one million people go to Perugia, Italy every year for EuroChocolate since it was established in 1993. It features everything from tastings to chocolate-themed musicals.

Twice annually, the World Chocolate Masters Final pits participants from over 20 countries for the Masters title in Paris. Points go to artistry and creative use of chocolate.

Chocolate Show is the largest chocolate festival in North America. It takes place in New York City every November.

Chocolate Lovers Throughout History

Marie Antoinette loved chocolate.

Marie Antoinette brought her personal chocolate maker to Versailles when she married King Louis XVI in 1770. 

Napoleon Bonaparte brought chocolate on his military campaigns, so rumor has it. It was not for the enlisted.

Thomas Jefferson believed chocolate would surpass coffee as American’s favorite beverage because of the “superiority of chocolate, both for health and nourishment.” 

Captain Robert Scott took 3500lbs of Cadbury cocoa and chocolate on his Discovery expedition to the Antarctic (1901-1904). A leftover bar, wrapped and untouched in a cigarette tin, is the most valuable chocolate bar worldwide. The four-inch bar went for $687 at Christie’s London (2001).

According to her grandniece, Kathrine Hepburn indulged in a decadent pound a week of chocolate.

Weird Chocolate Happenings

The chocolate river in the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) was genuine. 15,000 gallons of a mixture of water, chocolate, and cream was created on set. Unfortunately, the river spoiled quickly, much like Wonka’s failed child winners.

Chocolate is used for blood in Alfred Hitchcock’s famous shower in Psycho (1960).

Although rumored to have been invented by mistake, the chocolate chip cookie was intentional genius. Ruth Graves Wakefield owned a tourist lodge, the Toll House Inn in Massachusetts. In 1938, the “chip cookie” was invented by Wakefield when she used a broken-up chocolate bar instead of adding chocolate to the dough. Nestle bought the recipe for one dollar and a lifetime supply of chocolate.

Chocoholic history - where did the chocolate chip cookie come from? Was it a mistake? Nope. Chocolate chip cookies are genius.

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