The Accidental Origin of Caramel Apples

A perfect mixture of sweet and tart, a caramel apple is a scrumptious reminder that autumn has arrived. It’s hard to imagine Halloween without caramel apples. However, the caramel apple was not invented until the 1950s. (Way after the Celtic origin of Halloween!) In fact, it was the happy byproduct of leftover Halloween candy.

Caramel apple history - Where did the caramel apple originate? We know!

Dan Walker, a sales representative for Kraft Foods, created the first caramel apple in the 1950s. Experimenting with soft caramels leftover from Halloween, he melted the caramels and dipped apples in them. Since that time, Kraft Foods has printed the recipe for caramel apples on the bags of their individually wrapped caramels.

Apple Pie Caramel Apple - from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory - History of the Caramel appleIn 1960, Vito Raimondi invented and patented the first automated caramel apple-dipping machine with the help of his uncle. Vito worked making caramel apples in his uncle William Raimondi’s candy shop. Hand-dipping caramel apples was tiring work. Vito decided to remedy the problem, and so invented a machine to quickly produce caramel-apples. Their company is now the largest company that creates machine-dipped, singly-packaged caramel apples. Between the Raimonds and Dan Walker’s leftover Halloween candies, caramel apples became a familiar American treat.

Caramel Apple History - The Snicker's Bar caramel apple

Over time, caramel apples became ever more creative. Between the varieties of apples and endless toppings, they are almost as personal and creative as costume choices. Toppings, such as nuts and M&M’s, have evolved into decadent additions.

At Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, we have taken our love for caramel apples to new heights.

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Caramel Apple History and the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Favorites


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