Fun Facts and Hacks for Chocolate Lovers

Is chocolate candy? In short, the answer is no. The big difference between chocolate and candy is the proportion of ingredients. Do you know what makes chocolate chocolate and not candy?

What is English toffee? Unlike American toffee, which uses white granulated sugar, most English toffee uses brown sugar, which gives it a slightly different taste. In England, there are many varieties of toffee that do not contain nuts, although the American version of English toffee almost always does.

An Advent calendar’s primary job is to count down the days to Christmas. The most common Advent calendars mark each day with a window, door, or cubby. For every day closer to Christmas, a window is opened.

Ever wondered where peppermint comes from or how candy canes and peppermint candies came to be? Who invented the candy cane machine? Peppermint is actually a hybrid herb. It's name comes ancient Greek mythology.

From office gifts to gifts for your extended family, buying Christmas gifts for large groups can be overwhelming. Save yourself some holiday stress with Christmas presents no one minds sharing. These five holiday treats are festively packaged and packed with our most popular candies and chocolates.

Sweet and simple, sugar is the defining ingredient in what we commonly call candy. Candy is different than chocolates, pastries, or other sweets, although lots of people use the term candy to include chocolate.

Learn about the Halloween origin and the history of trick-or-treating! When trick-or-treating originated, there was no candy involved. (Ghastly, isn’t it?) Trick-or-treating evolved in stages—borrowing from the traditions of immigrants who came together in the United States.

It’s hard to imagine Halloween without caramel apples. However, the caramel apple was not invented until the 1950s. (Way after the Celtic origin of Halloween!) In fact, it was the happy byproduct of leftover Halloween candy. Read on for fun facts!

Save the tricks and send special Halloween treats to your favorite little angels (and devils). Nothing screams fun than receiving Halloween chocolate or caramel apples (besides eating them!).

Out come the jackets—and the pumpkin spice! We married our pumpkin spice and chocolate obsessions in our Pumpkin Spice Truffle Bar. Also, try these great dinner party and recipe hacks.

The following easy Mexican hot chocolate recipe is a great way to add flavor and sneak some nutrition to your cocoa. Kid friendly? You bet.

This popular hot chocolate is smooth, slightly spicy, mostly sweet cocoa. Keep a tin of Cocoa Loco at home. Or, follow this simple Mayan hot chocolate recipe.

Where does chocolate come from? What the heck is a cocoa nib? We have the chocolate facts. Understand everything about what goes into chocolate--from seed to handmade gourmet treats.

From healing common coughs to becoming candy, learn the tasty history of black licorice.

Want to learn the about your favorite red and chewy snack? Learn the history of red licorice with Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory.

Who invented hot chocolate? And the chocolate bar? Well, a steam engine was definitely involved in how available chocolate is today. Thank goodness for progress.

We are a little worried about people who don’t love chocolate. The average American indulges in 1/2lb chocolate every month! We have a few super fun chocolate facts to feed your chocolate addiction.

What is the difference between hot cocoa vs. hot chocolate? It’s not a title fight. They are both tremendous winners! It’s a largely historically and technologically grown difference.

Dogs don't always know what is good for them. They can get into a lot of no-good, gross, and downright dangerous. Chocolate is poisonous to dogs! Learn why and what to do if your dog eats chocolate.

What is in white chocolate? Is white chocolate truly chocolate? Yes and no, chocoholics. Technically, white chocolate is a cocoa plant product. But, it lacks any of the chocolate solids that define milk and dark chocolate. Read up and decide.